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Home Delivery World Recap

Last month, our Viamente team visited the heart of Atlanta, GA at Home Delivery World 2015. With over 1,000 attendees – our team gave demos and showed attendees the benefits of Viamente and how you can develop a last mile delivery strategy. Riccardo Bocci, our Product Manager for Viamente gave a speech titled “The Devil is in the Details! The Secret Route to Happier Operations.” He provided insight into how our software works, and why it’s so important to become efficient within your business and utilize tools for better route planning.

The route planning industry has changed in many different ways in the last few years as technology has advanced. Now with route planning software it’s easier than ever to ensure your mobile workforce is efficient as possible. With many different trends within the industry, we’ve highlighted the most prominent:


  • Subscription based-services for groceries: Businesses like Hello Fresh and Relay allow you to shop for food and plan meals online and within two days that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Heading to the grocery store can be a hassle, so why not save time while supporting local farmers and businesses?

  • Reliable Drivers: Choosing the right drivers is a big part of your business, and determines how successful it will be. A company like SprintShip looks for drivers who are secure and accurate. They often find these characteristics in veterans, who are at the same time often unemployed.

  • Convenient Delivery Times: Companies like Doorman and Parcel work around people’s busy schedules. If you are at work from 9-5, do you really want to take a day off from work to sign-off on a delivery? When you sign-up with one of these services you have the scheduling flexibility and reliable service that you need. Get packages delivered when you are home, hold packages if you are planning on going on vacation, and more importantly have a reliable service for big ticket packages that you don’t want sitting out on your porch.

  • Instant ETA Updates: Customers want visibility into the delivery of packages. Make sure that you are using a powerful software that can help meet tight time windows, plan intra-day for last minute requests, and syncs with a system to prove ETA’s on deliveries.

  • Lockers: Do you live in a city? Don’t want to have packages delivered to your house or your work? Personal drop-off lockers are popping up to provide you with the convenience and on-demand pick-up. Set-up your preferred location spot, receive an email, get unique code, and grab your parcels quickly & securely.

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admin | May 15, 2015