WorkWave Route Manager

Routing and Scheduling Optimization, made easy.
For Transport and Field Service Managers. Online.

WorkWave Route Manager for Delivery Services

More pickups. More deliveries. Bigger fuel savings. Viamente delivers profits.

Adjust for Traffic Patterns

Reassign vehicles or simply delay start times to steer clear of costly rush hour slow downs and driver frustration. Our advanced route planning tools for delivery services make it as simple as punching in hours or dragging a “speed” slider bar. In just a few seconds, you can revise route plans and deliver the new plans to your drivers by GPS or smartphone.

Reduce Idle Time and Fuel Cost

Idling a truck is like pouring gas on the pavement: a pointless waste of fuel. Not to mention a waste of your driver’s time, too. Our super-precise scheduling eliminates early arrivals that lead to idle time. You can also stipulate how long drivers should spend at each stop, mealtimes and work breaks to have the least impact on customer commitments.

Track Weight

Comply with DOT weight restriction regulations to the “T”. Viamente calculates how much each truck is carrying at the start of the day and as it makes every pickup and drop off thereafter. Overload alerts pop up at the planning stage so you can make adjustments before you send a single worker out to the field.

Hand route plans over to your warehouse for maximum efficiency in loading!

Lower Insurance Rates

Speeding tickets and accidents send rates through the roof. Our detailed route plans simplify driving and improves your operators’ focus on the road.

Document Success: Win Contracts

Prove that you deliver cheaper, cleaner and quicker than the competition, and show step by step how you did it with print outs of daily plans.

Our cutting edge route planning software for delivery services gives you the mileage cost verification that will generate trust with potential clients.

WorkWave Route Manager can improve productivity and reduce operating expenditures within your business.

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