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Deploy Routes

Export and Share Your Routes

After Defining your Drivers, selecting Drivers and Orders to serve and Optimizing your Routes, you are ready for performance!

Right under Add Orders, three buttons give you different options for exporting and sharing your optimized Routes.


Choose the option that better suits your needs:

Print Directions

By clicking this button you can visualize and print route directions and a map. You can decide to print only a map by choosing “Map” (one route at a time or all routes at once), or the “Directions” (one route at a time or all routes at once).

When printing directions, by ticking/unticking the options at the top of the generated page, you can include/exclude map/turn-by-turn directions/step details/custom fields.

Export Routes

By clicking the button Export Routes you can download Routes in several different formats:

Send Routes via email

With the Viamente Route Planner you can send via email the optimized routes to all drivers with one click.

They will receive a link with online maps and turn-by-turn driving directions, along with every other piece of information relevant to the orders scheduled for each of them.

The Route description includes:

Send files for GPS devices

Regardless of what device your Drivers use (TomTom, Garmin, Navigon), along with the Route Link you can send files which can be easily uploaded to their GPS device. Read here how to do it.

Open a Route Link with a Smartphone

Today Internet is mobile and your Drivers can tap on their iPhone, Android, iPad or Blackberry devices the Route Link they receive via email. The Viamente Routing Optimization software is cloud based and allows you to open Route Plans directly on your Driver’s smartphone.

Viamente Route Planner plans best-fit schedules and never violates the set-constraints.

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