WorkWave Route Manager

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Tools for Your Drivers and Mobile Workforce


Hauling delicate china? Ripe fruit? Wedding cakes? Relax! We’ve got you covered. WorkWave Route Manager gives you so much driver control, it’s almost like you’re doing the rounds yourself!

Route Manager gives drivers clear, simple directions for every minute and every stop to help keep them safe, on time, and at the peak of service excellence.

With a few keystrokes you can whip up minute by minute instructions for each driver including where to start and end each day, how many miles to drive and when to take breaks. You can even plan for how long each driver spends with a customer vs. on the road. Ensure customer satisifaction by giving your customers the time and attention they rightly deserve!

Route Manager does the math for you

We’ll calculates which drivers would be the most cost effective to use for every stop: no algebra needed! All you have to do is enter estimates for each vehicle – such as employee hourly salary, load capacity, and driver/vehicle availability – and our software will automatically route the least expensive drivers possible to complete your rounds.

Apply multiple constraints to Drivers and Vehicles

But what if a driver has a special skill that certain customers do need, regardless of cost? Give that skill a name, and whenever we see an appointment that calls for it, you’ll send the most logical resource to complete the job. You can use “skills” to describe a vehicle feature too, like “hoist” or “freezer compartment.”

You’ve probably learned through firsthand experience that over-eager employees sometimes try to overload their trucks or make too many pickups. Now you can put the brakes on that kind of behavior. Just assign a maximum weight in solids and/or liquids for each truck. Route Manager will track what every driver is carrying throughout the day. You get a “violations warning” if you go over load limits when you’re making your plans.

Since you can’t get in the driver seat, start using WorkWave Route Manager. It’s the next best thing!

WorkWave Route Manager gives you the flexibility to manage your mobile workforce and simplifies your day.

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