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WorkWave Brings the Power of GPS Tracking to Your Fleet

WorkWave GPS offers powerful GPS technology to help businesses locate their vehicles in real-time or report on historical tracking. GPS tracking provides insight that can help you monitor and coach driver behavior for better control over their fleets. Now you can manage and reduce company’s costs and risks while promoting driver safety and aiding in better vehicle maintenance.

With GPS tracking in place, your business will gain an advantage. You’ll have the tools in place to give you the power to monitor, control and protect the fleet you have so much invested in.

WorkWave GPS Puts the Power into Your Hands

Our fleet GPS tracking technology provides multiple benefits for your company by giving you the power to do the following:

Monitor and Encourage Driver Safety

Analyze the driving patterns of your vehicle operators via the driver behavior reports our system generates. This will help you spot potential problems early.

Lower Fuel Costs

Our GPS in-cab alerts let your drivers know when excessive speed and other indicators of aggressive driving are detected. You also have the option of receiving instant so that you can keep fuel efficiency high by discouraging speeding.

Control Insurance Premiums

By lowering the risk of accidents and making your vehicle’s easier to recover in the event that they are stolen, our GPS tracking and driver reporting lower risk and prevent you from losing insurance coverage (or maybe even lower your rates).

Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

When you take increased safety precautions by installing our GPS tracking system into your fleet vehicles, you decrease the likelihood that Workers Comp will need to pay driver injury claims related to traffic accidents.

Improve Performance with Better Maintenance

The WorkWave system helps you stay ahead on vehicle maintenance by setting reminders when a vehicle needs to be serviced. Scheduling proactive appointments can help you minimize breakdowns,lower costs, and prevent any scheduling issues.

Prevent Theft & Vehicle Misuse

Our fleet GPS tracking system helps you keep tabs on company vehicles, confirming vehicle locations and offering optional alerts to keep you aware of after-hours vehicle use.

Prevent Out-of-Control Overtime Expense

WorkWave GPS helps you confirm your employees’ hours. By keeping your drivers accountable for the hours they work, our system helps you limit the amount of overtime you pay your drivers, saving you money on payroll. It also provides one more layer of protection by giving you a way to check the accuracy of driver timesheets by comparing them against the data your WorkWave GPS system generates.

WorkWave GPS: See More, Know More, Do More

The WorkWave GPS system offers a powerful set of features to handle all your most critical real-time monitoring, documenting and reporting tasks.

  • 24/7 live tracking, featuring 5-60-second updates
  • Stored reports, with 12-month data storage capacity
  • Vehicle misuse monitoring, with on/off ignition and start/stop alerts
  • Driving time totals, to verify timesheet and billing details
  • Arrival/departure times, to help answer customer questions
  • Driving behavior monitoring, to keep fuel consumption in check
  • Geofence entry and exit alerts to let you monitor specific zones
  • Mileage-based maintenance reminders to help increase vehicle life span
  • Maximum-speed monitoring, for identifying potential risks

Driving Behavior Scorecards & Event Reports

  • Individual vehicle scorecards let you assess and rank driver safety
  • Posted speed limit reports inform you when a driver exceeds a road’s speed limit
  • Total-incident event reports help you recognize and monitor trends

Incident Reports Covering Five Critical Areas

  • Excessive Idling
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Hard Cornering
  • Hard Braking

Let WorkWave GPS Optimize Your Fleet Monitoring & Reporting

With the power of our fleet GPS tracking software at your disposal, you’ll experience an unprecedented level of control over risks, costs, driver behaviors and safety levels, vehicle use and maintenance. For more information about the many benefits the WorkWave GPS tracking solution can bring to your business, fill out the form on our contact page or call 1-866-497-4993. We’d be happy to answer your questions and/or provide a live demo of the system.

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