WorkWave Route Manager

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WorkWave Route Manager for Health Care Services

You make transportation reliable and convenient for your customers: we make your scheduling pickups and drop-offs problems disappear.

Our route planning software makes it simple to schedule last minute requests, assign skills (like wheelchair access or 8 seater passenger to vehicles) all to ensure that your daily routes are running smoothly. Route Manager presents the most optimal routes and allows you to manually fine-tune schedules based on your customer requests and requirements.

Health care transportation services have challenges. To make it easy, Route Manager will let you set-up driver and vehicle skills (like: spanish speaking, can administer shots, oxygen equipped vehicle, etc.) so that the eligible resource is assigned. Never get caught off guard again and never exceed the set constraints.

Reroute for Unexpected Events

If an employee is out sick or a vehicle is in the shop, your healthcare transportation business needs to keep running. The day’s schedule will need to be replanned to take and you need to react fast. Meeting time windows is crucial and rescheduling is difficult, stressful, and time consuming.

Relax and let Route Manager do the heavy lifting and easily replan around these unpredictable obstacles in minutes. You stay in control and your routes remain on schedule while your customers are happy and on-time for their appointments.

Convenient Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Doctor appointments can run late and your routes need to be flexible enough to plan around this. Route Manager can help you reroute for last minute requests and will identify other vehicles that are available for a last minute pick-up or drop-off.

Meet Scheduled Time-Windows

You can’t prevent traffic from occurring, but you can prepare your routes for holiday season, rush hour and construction areas. Easily set-up traffic profiles to keep your vehicles on schedule and avoid being late.

WorkWave Route Manager can improve productivity and reduce operating expenditures within your business.

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