WorkWave Route Manager

Routing and Scheduling Optimization, made easy.
For Transport and Field Service Managers. Online.

Logistical Constraints & Endless Rules Made Easy

WorkWave Route Manager’s blazing fast calculations and helpful alerts make it the perfect tool for experimenting with different employees, times and equipment so you can make accurate long-term projections and business decisions.

Our flexible fill-in-the-blank solution alerts you to potential problems and will help you avoid legal and safety issues like driver fatigue or dangerous vehicle conditions, so you can keep your team and cargo safe. Whether it’s to follow corporate policy, obey laws, avoid paying overtime or to run super-efficiently, this feature really pays off.

Other auto-generated logistical constraints include:


WorkWave Route Manager will build plans that never break your set rules. If any of your rules are broken due to manual modifications, Route Manager will call out violations and you can choose to move forward or reroute.

Changing a route plan is as fast and easy as dragging an appointment to a different driver’s timeline, adding a vehicle or scheduling an appointment for a different day.

Plus, you never have to “do the math” to avoid running too heavy (dangerous) or too light (wasteful). Once you’ve assigned the maximum solid or liquid weight each vehicle can carry in one or multiple compartments (see load), Route Manager will add up what your vehicle’s carrying at each stop and will avoid any overloads. Do some rescheduling, optimize routes again, and send your final route plans to warehouse workers so they can pack trucks with maximum efficiency.

WorkWave Route Manager can improve productivity and reduce operating expenditures within your business.

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