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Maintain Order Commitments & Customer Satisfaction

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Keep your routes optimized, your drivers on time, and your customers happy. Impossible? Not with WorkWave Route Manager. Our software makes it easier for your drivers to stick to time restraints and meet delivery windows, which will put a smile on every customer’s face.

In a few minutes you can upload addresses and create efficient transportation routes. You think your city has lots of traffic? Let Route Manager know. You think that 100 stops and 4 drivers is impossible? Route Manager can do it. There’s no constraint that we can’t handle.

Setting delivery days is a snap. But, do you really want to impress customers? Schedule a narrower time window to accommodate your client’s business demands and rush hours within the software. Or use the window to eliminate a common pet peeve – waiting around all day for an appointment that should take only a few minutes. Having visibility over your driver’s performance, like live ETA updates or arrival/departure times, will help you answer questions fast and easily deliver 5-Star service every time.

What if something special must happen at the appointment? (Like delivering a piano, taking a blood pressure reading or receiving lobster on ice?) Go to the requirements bar and plug in the skills needed for the job. Route Manager finds a driver with those skills and sends him/her out to do the job.

Once you’ve filled in these customer basics, you can start to get strategic. Would it save miles to pick up something from one location on your way back from dropping off something at another? Check the pickup option. Route Manager will “remember” how much your vehicles are carrying at each stop and send one that’s empty enough to handle the job without going over its load limit.

You’ve got to admit that’s cool.

Beware of dog? Narrow stairs? Cranky client? Type special, private instructions for drivers under the notes area to give them a heads up.

After all, the more your drivers know, the better they can serve – all within our route planning software!

WorkWave Route Manager can improve productivity and reduce operating expenditures within your business.

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