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Plan Optimal Routes

After defining your Drivers (Step One), populating a new Route Plan with Drivers and Orders (Step Two), it is time to go ahead and optimize your Routes by hitting the button Plan Optimal Routes.


When you hit this button, our routing optimization software starts considering several variables: the driving distances and speeds all over the road graph (no distances as the crow flies!), the start and end addresses of all drivers, the distribution of the orders, the logistics constraints and much more.

In a very short time, the Viamente Route Planner schedules the most efficient Routes and assignments in accordance with the following optimization goals:


Happy with your Routes? Ready to go? Save and… export them!

At any time, you can tweak your constraints and click on Plan Optimal Routes again, or Drag and Drop the suggested Stops from one Route to another, or from a position to another within the same Driver’s sequence, so that you can tune everything to your specific needs.

Viamente Route Planner plans best-fit schedules and never violates the set-constraints.

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