WorkWave Route Manager

Routing and Scheduling Optimization, made easy.
For Transport and Field Service Managers. Online.

Route Planning & Optimization Software


Check a few boxes, fill in some blanks and dump an endless number of nagging details out of your head and into our program. Our route planning software crunches the numbers and spits out the best possible routes for each of your drivers based on distance, cost, efficiency, speed, load, skills and more. Then we give you the tools to stay connected to your team’s performance. Plan, route, track, analyze your day with WorkWave Route Manager:

Enter it!

Type in your orders or upload them into our route optimization software from a popular file format (Excel sheet or csv document). Plan for one day or many, and include private memos for your crew.

Route it!

Now, set your available resources and click “Build Routes”.

Our multi-vehicle optimization process ensures that all sequences and assignments are optimal. Instantly see how many orders you can fill with the drivers you’ve selected, how long the work will take, what it will cost and how many miles your team has to drive to complete their assignments. We’ll also point out any violations and highlight hight/low priority orders.

Happy? Great! Distribute your plans, and hit the road.

But, what if someone calls in sick or a customer cancels last minute? What if you simply want to test different options to see what might happen if you tried something new? Simply change what is needed within the route planning software and recalculate!

  • Click an order and manually type adjustments
  • Drag appointments from one driver’s route to another
  • Change fleet assignments
  • Push an appointment time

Click the “Build Routes” button and, bingo! New direction, in a matter of seconds. With Route Manager 360 make changes in real-time (after the vehicles have left for the day) and stay synced with the mobile app. You can also add GPS tracking via Mobile or Vehicle hardware to locate vehicles 24/7.

WorkWave Route Manager can improve productivity and reduce operating expenditures within your business.

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