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WorkWave Route Manager for Utility Companies

Energy is money – you know that better than anyone. Save some green and stay greener, too, with our sophisticated route planning offering.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Weekly, daily – hourly if you like – simply adjust MPG costs to reflect real world fuel prices, and our software will automatically total up fuel expenditure for every vehicle making service calls. Test how changing assignments could affect your mileage and bottom line.

Plan Capital Investments

How soon can you afford to buy those new green vehicles? Is it time to take an older vehicle off the road? As a utility company, there’s simply no better way to weigh capital investments than running scenarios with our route planning software.

Set Dynamic Pricing

With this level of precision planning you can accurately forecast spending. When you know your real costs, you know exactly what to fees to pass on to your customers month by month.


Reducing your own carbon footprint is an extremely compelling argument for winning your next bid. Detailed speed and safety notes back up the commitments you’ve made to driver safety too.

Prepare for Large-Scale Projects

Concerned about how to complete daily rounds and comply with mandates to achieve big infrastructure projects?

Use our software as a “scratch pad” for figuring out how many people you can spare each day to handle the additional burden.

Fuel Tax Savings

Analyze your consumption patterns to keep taxes low. Or, submit route plan evidence to ensure compliance with government regulations.

WorkWave Route Manager can improve productivity and reduce operating expenditures within your business.

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