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Routing and Scheduling Optimization, made easy.
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Efficient Routes

single-vehicle route

Find the smartest stop sequence in seconds!

Let us help plan the optimal multi-stop route in order to save time and fuel. Our software use real driving times and miles – no as-the-crow-flies distances -, so we build accurate schedules and provide real savings.

The smartest stop sequence minimizes the driving miles and time-based costs while meeting all your customer’s expectations and your logistic constraints.

Optimized Dispatching

optimized dispatching

Automate Efficiency for your entire fleet

We will suggest which driver or technician should serve which orders: on the basis of the road network and all constraints you set, we will always route the best vehicle to the right place, on time.

You will increase the number of deliveries or service calls and increase profits: serve more points and cut costs by minimizing fuel and time!

Smart Scheduling

Visualize the optimized schedules on a timeline

Make your customers and workforce happy

On-time arrivals, planning for last minute requests, and building in lunch breaks are as important for your drivers as they are for your clients: a robust scheduling software is key to achieving this satisfaction.

Visualize your driver’s status with proof of delivery updates, GPS tracking added to your route planning. Jump into simulations to plan for what-if scenarios.

Process Automation

Create your own Spreasheet Template to import a list of Orders

Reduce your daily efforts!

For the import of orders, we support the most common spreadsheet formats like Excel and CSV: addresses and all necessary parameters are imported at the same time. You can customize your template with our software’s easy-to-use field mapping.

For an even better automation experience, you can integrate our tool with your system via the Route Manager API, making the import/export process completely seamless (IT skills required).

Last-minute Work Orders

reschedule your routes in real time

Reschedule your routes in real time

It is rather common to have routes ready to be executed and to receive a last-minute order: you can have it served efficiently without revolutionizing your existing routes.

Let our multi stop route planner decide for you: only residual resources will be utilized and the order will be added to the best eligible driver.

Alternatively, you can always do the assignment manually.

Traffic Profiles

route planning traffic profiles

Define traffic profiles by region and time of the day

Improve the quality of your routing by setting information based on your historical knowledge of traffic patterns in your area.

Simply draw regions on the map and assign to each one a value that describes the impact that traffic will have on your routes. Define the additional costs and drive time accrued per region: this allows for modeling the difference in traffic throughout the day, considering rush hours and other critical moments.

The speed used for calculating driving times is derated when drivers travel through the most congested regions and time frames, for more accurate times of arrival and daily route plans that correspond to your real-world scenario.

Drag and Drop

drag and drop

Adapt Routes to your real-world scenario

You can make manual modifications to your routes via drag & drop within our software’s interface. Change the sequence of the stops or move work orders from one driver’s schedule to the other.

You can also swap entire routes with a click and always verify the impact of your modifications on the overall efficiency.

Driver Settings

driver settings

Diversify your drivers

For each driver you can set personalized settings, such as start/end address, working hours, skills and even regions within which all orders will be served by that driver.

On the basis of these settings, all orders will be assigned to the best eligible drivers. If necessary, complex vehicle characteristics, such as multiple values for load capacity, are also considered.

Send Routes to Drivers

share the planned routes with your drivers

Share your routes with drivers

Once your routes are ready for execution, your mobile workforce can access them in a number of different ways.

Routes can be accessed via our mobile app (iOS and Android) and sync with your preferred navigation app; if you choose routes can also be exported as Excel/CSV files or printed.

Plan Reload/Offload Stops

single-vehicle route

Maximize resource utilization by including reload/offload stops

Route Manager considers load capacities and suggests when to stop for reload/load before starting the next trip.

Up to five load capacity limits can be defined. The suggested routes never exceed any of the set capacities, while maximizing load utilization during the working day. When vehicles are empty after a round of deliveries or they need to drop off their load, they are automatically routed to a reload/load destination before hitting the road for a second (or third!) time.

Automatically-optimized reloading/loading stops guarantee a better utilization of your resources’ time based on real load bottlenecks: just set your parameters and let Route Manager do the heavy lifting for you.

WorkWave Route Manager can improve productivity and reduce operating expenditures within your business.

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