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Don’t Let Microsoft MapPoint Hold You Back!

Are you currently using Microsoft MapPoint for Your mobile workforce routing needs?

While the software is still available for purchase and support, it won’t be for much longer. Microsoft is suggesting Bing Maps as an alternative to MapPoint, as well as its companions Streets & Maps (US version) and AutoRoute (European version). MapPoint will officially be discontinued on December 31, 2014, while support will be available until July 2015.

Are you getting everything you need from MapPoint? Do you find the software falling short in some areas? If you’re a current MapPoint user, now is the time to research alternative software options.

Contact Us or call us at 1-800-835-9817 to Request a Viamente demo and find out what you’re missing or tour Viamente to learn more.

In the market for a route planning software?

MapPoint may seem appealing to you as a business owner; however, you have to consider what will happen once support is no longer offered. With Viamente, routing and scheduling is made easy.

Viamente Route Planner is a web-based Routing Optimization Software for:

  • Fleet Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Mobile Workforce Management and Pickup

Being that Viamente is web-based, it is able to release new features seamlessly, ensuring that maps are always top quality and up-to-date. You are able to access your routes from anywhere, as well as dispatch routes from the cloud. You can also visualize your customers and orders on the map, assigning them to your mobile resources.

We previously used Bing for our routing and now we are able to save specific days/routes with ease. Thank you for the ability to add routes to our GPS and download via CSV/excel our addresses and details concerning sites.

Jess Beals – Viamente Customer
Field Goods

Viamente: There’s No Comparison

If you’re looking to achieve maximum efficiency with software like MapPoint, Viamente can get you there. The software includes many of the features found in MapPoint and similar route planning software, plus more.

Viamente MapPoint
Localization Support
No implementation
No start-up fee
Monthly & yearly agreement options
In-house support
Until July 2015
Plan Routes 1-31 days
Driving Directions
Map Labels
Eliminate Drivers with more efficient routes
Cut down working time for drivers & trucks
Create route plans in minutes
Create routes for anything from 1 to thousands of drivers
Schedule jobs or stops to the correct driver or truck based on skill sets or truck specs
Enter up to two time windows per stop/ order
Print Routes
Send Routes to GPS
Send routes out to driver’s smart phones or tablets for notes on jobs & turn audible directions
Map Navigation Dashboard
Operates on ALL Platforms
Travel Directions
Calculate Routes
Bird’s Eye
Enhanced Bird’s Eyes
Other Map Features
Complex Polygons

To learn how Viamente can increase productivity for your mobile workforce, contact us, call us at 1-800-835-9817 or tour Viamente to learn more.

admin | August 13, 2014